My Podcast project

Title: VOICE IT!

Main objective: Having learnt about features of persuasive texts, students will make radio commercials to advertise products or services.

Level: Pre-intermediate

Class type: children

Aim: making effective radio commercials

Activity focus: writing – reading –speaking – listening
Time: Max 1 minute

Material: Computer with access to Internet / Headphones


1. Teacher tells students that they will make radio commercials to sell their products or services.
2- Teacher elicits features of persuasive texts from students and together, they write the transcript for a sample radio commercial. After that, they rehearse reading it with the right intonation and voice pitch.
3- Teacher divides the class into groups of 3 and each group starts thinking of their product or service. They write the transcript.
4- Teacher corrects transcript.
5- Students practice reading it and teacher gives feedback.
6- Teacher shows students how to use Vocaroo and how to send their recording to the teacher’s mail account.
7- Students record their commercials and send their recordings by e-mail.
8- Teacher listens to them, copies the code and embeds them in the class wiki.
9- Teacher shares all the radio commercials with the class.
10- Teacher gives out rubrics for peer assessment and students complete them.
11- Mini-oscar celebration: having reflected upon their work, students will choose the best radio commercial.
12- Teacher writes about this in the class wiki and e-mails parents to let them know about the class project.

2 comentarios:

  1. Wonderful project, María Laura! I am so proud of you. I love the promo and the project itself. It looks quite exciting and complete. It allows students to use podcasting as a way to develop the four language basic skills, and includes a very original rewarding activity at the end, congratulations!!! Hugs from Caracas, Venezuela.

  2. Hi Maria Laura,

    PSA or Public Service Announcements are a great way to engage students in current affairs and issues that are important to them and their community. Great project.